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A proposed idea for modular glamping units for the Indonesian Mandalika MotoGP event.


Form took inspiration from a previous project by exploring a hyperbolic paraboloid shape but in traditional bamboo.


Structural beams consisting of larger bound bamboo lengths, interlocked into place forming a strong frame.


Finer bamboo lengths woven to form the walls that are both strong and good for privacy.


The structure splits down into potentially prefabricated elements, making for a simplified and efficient set up.


Individual glamping units could be arranged singularly or in twos and threes, offering different package levels for tourists.


These could also be arranged into communities that could suit larger groups of tourists or house site amenities.


The glamping unit competition was commissioned for the MotoGP event. I decided to explore a possibility of showcasing the design on a small scale of the then unfinished Mandalika racetrack. Tourists staying during the event could "Walk the Track" or race friends on the inspired bicycle track.


The downside to this is that the site would be permanent, but potentially good for tourism.

The glamping units may still be disassembled and reused for the next event.


The project was created in SketchUp Pro and was modelled almost entirely in complex components. While this worked well for high detail, it had big draw backs further into the design when it became too hardware intensive to work with. Huge compromises were made in the presentation of this project which became mistakes to learn from in future work.

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